Umage is a Danish word that means "to make an effort", and that's what we want to do every day. Umage is the place where beautiful Danish design meets affordability, high quality materials and a true concern for the environment.

The concept

At Umage, the company combines aesthetics, simplicity and functionality, and adds thoughtful craftsmanship and environmental awareness. The result is exquisite design with a lasting benefit. Umage's designs are flat packed in elegant boxes to optimize shipping and make their products more accessible and affordable. In doing so, Umage minimizes the carbon footprint on our planet and maximizes its ethical commitment to environmental responsibility.

Inspired by nature

Nature creates a sense of ease, a sense of tranquility and welcomes color palettes, shapes and patterns that are divine. Umage wants to bring this feeling to your home by combining strong natural materials, refined shapes and colors with their urban living ideas. Umage designs with more than one function in mind is a sustainable state of mind as it reduces the number of products you need to purchase to get a complete decor for your space.