Sélection Nüspace Abstract, tapis au motifs abstraits et naturels rappelant la planète, en coton et laine, beige
Tapis Abstract à Nüspace Mobilier - Art abstrait contemporain et connexion naturelle. Motifs captivants en laine et coton pour un confort durable.

Abstract rug


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Nüspace is proud to present the Abstract rug, a piece that combines modern abstract art and a deep connection with nature. This rug, carefully crafted from wool and cotton, features both linear and rounded abstract patterns, creating a captivating visual aesthetic.

What makes this Abstract rug particularly unique is its ability to marry contemporary with a touch of authenticity. Abstract patterns evoke the creativity and innovation inherent in modern art, but are also imbued with a sense of naturalness. These patterns seem to pay homage to our planet, recalling the beauty of shapes and lines found in nature.

The combination of wool and cotton offers a soft and pleasant texture under the feet while guaranteeing exceptional durability. The choice of these natural materials adds a dimension of comfort to this rug, in keeping with its homage to the earth and nature.

  • made of wool and cotton
  • 5ʼx8ʼ:
    • length: 8ʼ / 240 cm
    • width: 5ʼ / 150 cm
    • weight: 15 lbs / 6.8 kg
  • 8ʼx10ʼ:
    • length: 10ʼ / 300 cm
    • width: 8ʼ / 240 cm
    • weight: 26 lbs / 11.8 kg
  • For routine maintenance, use a low power vacuum without a beater brush and vacuum in different directions. Shedding of loose fibers is normal for this rug, but will diminish over time, with the greatest shedding expected in the first 3-6 months. If stained, blot quickly with a clean, undyed cloth, pressing firmly to absorb as much as possible. For stubborn stains, we recommend having the rug professionally cleaned.
  • To ensure optimal longevity of the rug, we strongly recommend the use of a rug pad. This provides excellent traction, prevents slipping, keeps your rug smooth and flat and protects against color transfer. For even surface wear, it is recommended that the rug and rug be rotated or repositioned every three months.
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Features of the Abstract rug