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Fatboy Slim Pop
Fatboy Slim Pop
Fatboy Slim Pop
Fatboy Slim Pop
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Fatboy Slim Pop

Slim Pop


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Slim Pop, a pop of colour.

Fatboy teams up with designer Carole Baijings. With six designs for the Fatboy Pop Collection, Carole playfully uses newly composed colours and silhouettes to deliver a vibrant pop of colour.

What if the colours of a Slim Pop give a different impression, each time you look at it? With colours that have been specially designed and mixed for Fatboy, Baijings delivers a distinctive design statement by bringing 'A Pop of Colour' to every interior. When in use, the beanbags shapeshift in form and change the colour impression, leading to vivid a unique impression.

Merging Fatboy's DNA with Carole's interpretation leads to a colourful collection, with the Slim coming in three new, different patterns. Two of these patterns combine three colours, with a frontside that is different from the backside. A third version contains two colours for a minimalistic look, where both front- and backside remain the same. The Original Slim is just as comfortable as the Fatboy Original beanbag but has a refined format (155 x 120 cm). This makes this beanbag suitable to be used anywhere in the home. The coated cotton canvas fabric brings a warm, homely feeling and is a perfect addition to Fatboy's indoor product range.


  • Length: 61" / 155 cm
  • Width: 47" / 120 cm
  • Material: cotton
  • Filling: expanded polystyrene
  • Designer: Carole Baijins

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