Umage Trays, trois plateaux souples, en feutrine, gris argenté
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Umage Trays, trois plateaux, en bois, chêne
Umage Trays, trois plateaux, en bois, chêne foncé
Umage Trays, trois plateaux, en bois, chêne foncé



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Three flexible grab-and-go trays let you organize and hide your clutter on shelves, in the closet or in drawers. Trays by Umage come in a pack of three sizes that fit both your loose sheets, magazines and any other small items that need to be sorted. The trays are made of felt and the design is easy to take apart, when not in use.

  • Made of solid oak or felt and Venetian cane.
  • Small:
    • Length: 13.8" / 35 cm
    • Width: 12" / 30 cm
    • Height: 3" / 7 cm
  • Medium:
    • Length: 13.8" / 35 cm
    • Width: 9" / 25 cm
    • Height: 4" / 10 cm
  • Large:
    • Length: 13.8" / 35 cm
    • Width: 9" / 25 cm
    • Height: 5" / 13 cm
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  • Before using a soapy product to clean, always test it on an inconspicuous area.
  • Avoid cleaning with abrasive products.
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    by Umage
    The story of a life

    "Exhibiting your stories requires trays to keep everything tidy and spots to make everything look great." - Søren Ravn Christensen, designer and co-founder of UMAGE

    Stories par Umage est une bibliothèque flexible, où vous pouvez mettre les choses que vous aimez le plus en évidence et partager vos histoires de vie.
    La bibliothèque Stories d'Umage est fabriqué en chêne et présente un attrait visuel simple avec ses quatre pieds coniques qui créent une apparence agile et délicate
    Not just a shelf

    Stories comes with three wooden trays with a Venetian cane front, so you can hide your stuff.

    Stories, bibliothèque en bois, par Umage, dimensionsStories, bibliothèque en bois, par Umage, dimensions
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    About Umage

    Umage is a Danish word meaning "to make an effort," which is what the company wants to do every day. Umage is where beautiful Danish design meets affordability, high quality materials and a true concern for the environment.

    Umage designs with more than one function in mind is a sustainable mindset because it reduces the number of products you need to purchase to get a complete set for your space.

    À Umage, la compagnie combine l'esthétique, la simplicité et la fonctionnalité, et ajoute un savoir-faire réfléchi et une attention particulière à l'environnement.
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