Luckies Play On, jeu de dominos, en mélamine, blanc
Il y a quelque chose de très satisfaisant dans un beau jeu de dominos. Surtout s&

Play On dominoes


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There's something very satisfying about a beautiful domino set. Especially if it's a travel set, made of heavy, comforting melamine and stored in a sleek, sturdy tin. Plane delayed? No problem. Awkward silences? No problem. This product is a true problem solver!

  • Made of melamine.
  • Traditional "double six" game (contains 28 dominoes).
  • Length: 3.7" / 9.4 cm
  • Depth: 1" / 2.5 cm
  • Height: 2.8" / 7.1 cm
  • Use a damp cloth.
  • Before using a soapy product to clean, always test it on an inconspicuous area.
  • Avoid cleaning with abrasive products.
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