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Gus* Modern Element
Gus* Modern Element
Gus* Modern Element
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Gus* Modern Element



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Element by Gus* Modern is a handmade, high-pile rug with a modernist color field design inspired by traditional patchwork quilts. Handcrafted in India from 100% New Zealand wool, Element is plush, dense and offers luxurious comfort underfoot and rhythm in its colorful cameo to any space it dwells in. This rug is perfect for bedrooms, nurseries and living spaces.

  • Each handmade rug has unique characteristics that showcase the artistry of the craftsperson that created it.
  • 100% premium New Zealand wool.
  • Hand-bound, stitched edges.
  • Premium backing.
  • Pre-washed to eliminate shedding and odour.
  • 5ʼx8ʼ: Length: 8ʼ / 240 cm - Width: 5ʼ / 150 cm
  • 8ʼx10ʼ: Length: 10ʼ / 300 cm - Width: 8ʼ / 240 cm
  • For spills, blot immediately with a towel and use mild soap only if necessary. Test in an inconspicuous area. Blot to dry.
  • Protect your furniture from direct sunlight, as this may cause the fabric to fade unevenly over time.
  • Product colours may vary slightly from those shown on your display.
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    Construct, tapis par Gus* ModernConstruct, tapis par Gus* Modern


    by Gus* Modern
    Harvest, tapis par Gus* ModernHarvest, tapis par Gus* Modern


    by Gus* Modern
    Avro, tapis par Gus* ModernAvro, tapis par Gus* Modern


    by Gus* Modern
    Element, tapis par Gus* ModernElement, tapis par Gus* Modern


    by Gus* Modern
    Fumo, tapis par Gus* ModernFumo, tapis par Gus* Modern


    by Gus* Modern
    Different materials

    Gus* Modern is known for its furniture but less for these rugs. Yet the company knows how to make sumptuous rugs. Visually very successful, they are also of good quality and Gus* knew how to use different sources for the confection. In wool, in jute, in viscose or in recycled plastic bottles. It is with this kind of asset that we have full confidence in Gus* Modern.

    Bala, tapis par Gus* Modern
    The rugs
    Sizes and shapes

    Gus* makes these rugs in the same sizes. You have a choice of 5ʼx8ʼ and 8ʼx10ʼ. Once you know this, all that is left is to measure at home to find out which size is most appropriate. Some rugs are different from others. For example the Fumo model also comes in a round shape and Construct is an indoor and outdoor rug.

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    About Gus*

    Gus* Modern is a furniture design and manufacturing company based in Toronto, Canada. Gus* Modern's furniture collection, which includes upholstered seating, dining, beds, accessories, lighting and fixtures, is available in our stores and online.

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