Brass Monkey réinvente le Tic-tac-toe avec sophistication. Un défi stratégique et visuel : alignez trois cercles ou l&
Tic-tac-toe évolué : Brass Monkey marie stratégie et esthétique. Alignez trois cercles ou l&
Brass Monkey redéfinit le Tic-tac-toe avec élégance. Stratégie avancée, victoire avec trois cercles ou l&
Le Tic-tac-toe évolué de Brass Monkey allie raffinement et stratégie. Gagnez avec trois cercles ou le mystérieux &
Brass Monkey élève le Tic-tac-toe à un niveau supérieur. Stratégie sophistiquée, victoire avec trois cercles ou le rare &

Tic Tac Pro game


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Combination of strategic sophistication and careful aesthetics

Brass Monkey pushes the boundaries of traditional Tic-tac-toe with an advanced version that combines strategic sophistication and careful aesthetics. Much more than a simple table game, this classic interpretation is a gaming experience worthy of the biggest competitions. No more predictable draws, make way for an astonishing strategy that spices up every move.

Thrilling quest with an extra dose of cunning and suspense

The principle of the game remains simple, but the strategic depth makes it a captivating challenge: be the first player to skillfully use their pieces to form either a line of three circles of the same size, or the elusive "bull's eye" of a single color. This fourth way to win adds an extra dose of trickery and suspense, turning each game into a thrilling quest.

Dynamics influenced by ingenious design

Exceeding expectations, Brass Monkey 's Advanced Tic-tac-toe also stands out with its stepped game board. This ingenious design not only provides undeniable visual appeal, but also influences the dynamics of the game. Strategic movements take on a whole new dimension when each square is not just next to the one next to it, but located on different levels, adding a tactical and visual dimension to each shot.

Fun experience combining strategy and aesthetics

Beyond its competitive aspect, the game presents itself as a decorative element in its own right for any living room table. The thoughtfully designed pieces and stepped top lend a playful elegance to the overall look. Thus, each game becomes an experience in its own right, combining strategy and aesthetics to offer moments that are as pleasant to play as to contemplate.

  • includes 18 painted wooden playing pieces
  • made from a durable MDF
  • comes with playing instructions
  • suitable for two players
Description Imperial Metric
Length 9.4" 23.9cm
Width 9.4" 23.9cm
Height 2" 5cm
Weight 2.5 lbs 1.1kg
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