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Gamebook - Bin-Go Endure a Wedding


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Two ingeniously designed bingo games for weddings

At the heart of the excitement of a wedding, between the bursts of laughter, the knowing looks and the wild dancing on the floor, a unique experience is offered to those who like to play with observation. Of course, we cannot ignore the undeniable attraction of the open bar, a true liquid oasis in the desert of festivities, but beyond this festive obviousness, another dimension of pleasure emerges: observing the guests. And what better way to spice up this activity than to transform this quest into an engaging game?

Discovery of funny moments during memorable events

In Brass Monkey 's Bin-Go Endure a Wedding gamebook, this idea is brought to life through two ingeniously designed bingo games. The 12 punch cards dedicated to the wedding and the 12 others to the reception are an invitation to discover the often funny moments that mark these memorable events. These pre-filled cards contain common elements, but always tinged with a certain absurdity which seems inevitable in the festive context of a wedding.

Entertaining and creative observation of nuggets of joy

It's disconcertingly simple to use: you just have to distribute the cards to the eclectic gathering of guests and embark on a human treasure hunt, in a competitive manner. Completing a row, column, or diagonal triggers victory, at least from a relative perspective. The quest becomes a fun adventure where participants compete to win the title of “most insightful observer”.

Be creative

As an added bonus, the book provides an opportunity to express creativity by offering six additional blank cards in the back of the book. The most imaginative minds can customize their own game, adding a unique touch to the experience. Observation therefore becomes not only entertaining, but also personalized, transforming each card into an ephemeral piece of art capturing the unusual moments and nuggets of joy that punctuate the celebration.
  • includes 24 pre-filled (and punched) bingo cards
  • includes two separate bingo games, one for the ceremony and one for the reception
  • written in English
Description Imperial Metric
width 7" 17.8cm
Length 7" 17.8cm
  • Avoid contact with water.
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