Reproduction Around, table d’appoint, en placage de frêne, naturel

Around end table


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The Around side table is a faithful reproduction of the famous and iconic piece of furniture. Carefully designed, it is made of natural ash, a material that is both strong and aesthetically appealing. This combination not only guarantees the durability of the table, but also gives it a beautiful natural presence that fits perfectly into different interior styles.

One of the distinctive elements of the Around side table is its high edge. This functional feature is both practical and aesthetic. By keeping glasses and other objects in place, the high rim provides extra stability and prevents the risk of tipping. So you can enjoy your coffee, magazines or decorations without worry, knowing that everything will stay in place on the table.

The designer of this side table drew his inspiration from the Scandinavian style, characterized by clear and clean lines. The Around table perfectly embodies this understated, modern aesthetic, offering a timeless design that blends seamlessly into various living spaces. Its simple, minimalist appearance creates a pleasing visual balance, while showcasing the natural beauty of ash.

  • made of wood veneer (ash)
  • reproduction not affiliated with official manufacturer or current designer
  • diameter: 17.7" / 45cm
  • height: 18.1" / 46cm
  • Use a damp cloth to clean and a dry cloth to remove water marks.
  • Before using a soapy product to clean, always test on an inconspicuous area.
  • Avoid cleaning with abrasive products.
  • Protect your furniture from direct sunlight, as this can cause uneven fading over time.
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Characteristics of the Around tables