Umasqu Abstrasso Masks W.
Umasqu Abstrasso
Umasqu Abstrasso W.
Umasqu Abstrasso
Umasqu Abstrasso
Umasqu Abstrasso

Abstrasso Masks


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Handmade decorative wooden masks inspired by Picasso, cubism, shapes and contours. The color compositions of Umasqu's Abstrasso masks create unique combinations of depths on the surface.
Hang them as a single piece or combine them with other art pieces, this wall mask will be the center of any room.



  • #7:
    • Width: 10.6" / 27 cm
    • Height: 15.6" / 39.5 cm
    • #8:
      • Width: 9.4" / 24 cm
      • Height: 17.4" / 44.4 cm
    • Material: Made from a combination of different materials such as Veneer, MDF, Formica, Perspex, Plastic, and Felt
    • All masks are hand-painted, unique with their own character
    • Wall mounting back hook included

    Make your
    walls expressive

    Your walls will become more human

    Nüspace offers you thanks to Umasqu, a selection of masks of African inspirations, but also other cultures from around the world.

    Umasqu leaves no one out. Lovers of painting, pop culture or even unusual objects will find their happiness.

    And if you don't want to make holes in your walls, Umasqu has thought of you by creating figurines to put on any piece of furniture in your house or on your desk.

    masques décoratifs par Umasqu
    Accessible and quality art

    Tzachi, the company's founder believes in accessible, high-quality art, a belief that is expressed in every aspect of Umasqu's art-making process: each piece is handcrafted with innovative equipment and a great deal of attention.