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ShoeRescue kit


Regular price39.95$

100% natural products for leather and suede

The ShoeRescue kit from BootRescue is the complete solution for naturally caring for your favorite shoes and boots. Made exclusively from 100% natural products, this set offers a safe and environmentally friendly alternative for the care of your leather and suede shoes.

Complete solution for shoe care

In this set you will find everything you need to keep your shoes in perfect condition: ShoeRescue protective wax to nourish and protect the leather, a soft cloth for applying the products, a protective spray to repel the water and stains, cleaning wipes to remove surface dirt and stains, and a wooden brush specially designed for suede.

Optimal results with quality ingredients

Each product in this set is formulated with high-quality natural ingredients, ensuring effective care while preserving the integrity and appearance of your shoes. Whether you want to protect your shoes from the elements, remove stubborn stains, or simply maintain them regularly, the ShoeRescue set is here to help.

  • 1 x 5 cleaning wipes
  • 1 x wax (3.5 oz / 100gr) with cloth
  • 1 x wooden brush
  • 1 x protective spray (6 oz / 170gr)
  • Rub gently with the brush and in a clockwise direction.
  • The spray is applied at a certain distance and over the entire shoe.
  • After applying the wax, remove the remaining deposit with the cloth by tapping.
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BootRescue ShoeRescue Protection Kit Features