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Brazo, light for life, 50k hours of energy-efficient, 97% recyclable.

The lights from the Pablo Designs collection create the interaction between user and object in a way that renders it intuitive, aesthetic, functional and innovative. The modern LED desk light, Brazo, is smart, intelligent, sophisticated and adjusts itself without the slightest effort.

Control the light intensity yourself by turning the cylinder downlights apparent. Precision and multipurpose and keywords for Brazo, the 360° oriental lamp which gives an added value to your home office.


  • Length: 26.5" / 67 cm
  • Width: 8.5" / 22 cm
  • Height min: 14" / 35.5 cm
  • Heightmax: 21" / 53.5 cm
  • Switch: yes
  • Dimmer: no
  • Lightbulb: DEL - 120/220V - 60Hz - 9W - 3000K - 400 Lumens - 43 Lumens/Watt (inclus)
  • Rope length: 96" / 244 cm
  • Material: aluminum, glass Pyrex
  • Designer: Pablo Pardo

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