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Pablo Designs Circa Pendant
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Circa Pendant hanging lamp


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Circa is a flat disc of LED light that rotates 360° on itself, it is this mobility that allows it an infinite number of positions for a multitude of lighting effects. The brightness is intuitively controllable by touch for four levels of intensity. Circa also offers a USB input for mobile device users on its floor, table and wall lamp models.

  • Lasts for 50K hours.
  • 4-Stage dim control.
  • 45° diffuser tilt in two directions.
  • Color Temperature: 2700K.
  • Luminosity: 800 Lumens.
  • Voltage: 120V – 240V 50/60Hz.
  • USB charging port.
  • Base diameter: 5.5" / 14 cm
  • Height: cable length up to 10' (3 m)
  • Diffuser diameter: 12" / 30 cm
  • Use a cloth with warm water.
  • Avoid cleaning with abrasive products.
  • Assembly is required. You can follow the instructions included in the box, or click here to download the user guide.
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by Pablo Designs
Revolutionary design

In designing Circa, the designers at Pablo Studio wanted to create a product that was both revolutionary and familiar. They not only created a new lamp, but also a new archetype of interior lighting, blurring the line between the utilitarian work lamp and the traditional shade lamp.

Circa, lampe sur pied par Pablo Designs
That turns your head

The main feature of Circa is a flat LED disc that moves fluidly over its axis. This mobility allows the lamp to take on an infinite number of positions while functioning as a task lamp that provides balanced ambient light. Circa is available as a table, floor or pendant lamp.

Circa, lampes par Pablo DesignsCirca, lampes par Pablo Designs
About Pablo Designs

Pablo Designs was founded in San Francisco in 1993 by Venezuelan-born industrial designer Pablo Pardo. Embracing a "less is more" ideology, Pablo often challenges traditional design metaphors, developing more practical solutions, reduced to their essence, form and light. A common thread connects all his creations, valuing permanence and sustainability, and rejecting the disposable spirit so prevalent today.

Lampes suspendues, de table et murales par Pablo Designs