Newgate Thunderbird Mantel noir/argent
Newgate Thunderbird Mantel
Newgate Thunderbird Mantel
Newgate Thunderbird Mantel
Newgate Thunderbird Mantel noir/crème

Thunderbird Mantel


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Thunderbird Mantel by Newgate, a mid-century modern mantel clock with an emphasis on the modern. This space-age design blends a contemporary cream face and matt black silicone case with a retro-inspired dial and simplified numerals.

Known as a silent sweep in the industry, the hands move in constant sweeping motion rather than a tick. So you won’t hear any ticking but if your hearing is particularly sensitive in a completely silent room you may hear a very quiet whirring.


  • Height: 5.3" / 13.4 cm
  • Width: 11" / 28 cm
  • Depth: 3" / 7.5 cm
  • Material: acrylic case, metal hands and dial, glass lens
  • Movement: silent-sweep movement with no ticking noise
  • Feature: requires 1 x AA battery not included

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