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    Sélection Nüspace Bolo, porte-manteaux avec 6 crochets, en métal et noyer, noir
    Bolo : Le Porte-Manteaux Moderne et Chaleureux - Un design minimaliste et contemporain qui ajoute du style à votre foyer. Des crochets en noyer pour une entrée accueillante.
    Bolo coat racks
    Sélection Nüspace
    Bloomingville Vase cannelé, vase pour fleurs et bouquet, en verre, ambre
    Ce vase de style retro fait référence aux vases tendances que nous pouvions retrouver dans les années 60. Il vous rappellera certainement des souvenirs à vous ou à vos invités
    fluted vase - Amber
    Bloomingville Vase en verre, vase pour fleurs et bouquet, en verre, brun
    glass vase - brown
    Bloomingville Vase cannelé à étages, vase pour fleurs et bouquet, en verre, ambre
    Ce vase Bloomingville de style retro en verre se distingue par se forme atypique en étages. Son créateur s'est inspiré des vases tendances des années 60 pour fabriquer ce vase qui ira très bien au centre de votre table ou sur un buffet.
    Fluted tiered vase

    A beautiful decoration is essential in an interior with the goal of exuding a certain elegance, warmth or even intimacy. It is the furniture that sets the tone but the decorative accessories that set the mood.

    We may hear or read the expression "details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail". It makes sense with the subject of decoration. An object like a pillow with special patterns, a colorful poster hanging on the wall or even a vase of a certain shape can immediately attract attention and add character to the whole room. Think about it.

    Plants & Cie

    Find in this category vases, planters, watering cans, fake plants and even gardening tools. You'll understand, your interiors need greenery to make them come alive.

    Candles & Cie

    Visuals count a lot in the design and decoration of our interiors. But we must not neglect the olfactory aspect. Scents play a crucial role in the atmosphere of a room.

    Help with storage

    Sometimes decorations are not just something you put down and don't move again. Some also have a useful function: to help you with your daily storage. Here is our selection.

    Decorative object

    Simply placed on a piece of furniture or hung on the walls, our decorative accessories are sure to please. Between zany and characterful objects, our selection has that little bit of fun we all love to bring to a room.

    Pillows and blankets

    Play between materials! Don't leave your sofa or chairs bare. Pair them with a nice leather or soft velvet-like fabric cushion and even wool from one of the blankets we've selected for you.

    Various accessories

    In this category you will find various items such as phones with a retro 1950's look, products to care for your shoes, pitchers but also beautiful colored vinyl doilies.